Hi, Everyone!

I’m Molly! I’m a mother, military wife and teacher. I’ve been married to the Army, I mean my husband, for four years! We are originally from Maryland, but currently in Upstate New York. We are die-hard Pittsburgh fans! I am a coffee addict, wine enthusiast, animal lover, country music fan, (sometimes) fitness junkie and lover of the outdoors!

We are on our third duty station and fifth house and have added two dogs and a sweet daughter along the way! One thing I have learned in becoming a new mom is that military life and motherhood have many similarities. There are many ups and downs as well as unknowns. I’m all about finding the humor in life but when you can’t laugh, there is a friend to get you through it!

Come join me for tips and tricks on motherhood, military life, books, fashion and much more! I am in no way an expert but I love helping others and am all about mothers supporting one another!

Thanks for stopping by!