Independence Day, from the Heart of a Military Spouse

Independence Day

Today is a day we celebrate America. On July 4, 1776, America declared its’ independence from Great Britain. It is a day to celebrate America’s freedom and show our pride of the red, white and blue! Americans celebrate by dressing in patriotic colors, holding parades in cities centers, gathering with family and friends, and watching fireworks. This holiday has always been special to my family and I; I grew up having an immense amount of pride for America. My favorite memories on this day were going to Antietam Battlefield in Maryland, on every 4th of July, listening to the band play, eating amazing food and watching the fireworks display, at night. I always knew why we celebrated Independence Day, but it wasn’t until I was older that I truly understood, that phrase, “Freedom isn’t free”.

Freedom isn’t Free

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13 KJV). This Bible verse beautifully highlights the love a military serviceman has for his country and its’ people. I am not a service member so I can’t speak for what it means exactly to that service member, but I can tell you what it means, to me. My husband is an active duty soldier, so since we got engaged, HOOAH is a phrase of which I’ve become well acquainted. I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing the red, white and blue and I love being a part of this Army family. Again, I’m not a soldier, so I can’t speak for what its’ like to fight for your country, but I’ll tell you what its’ like for the one left behind. My husband has been on one tour of duty so far, and luckily, came home safe, but for many families, that is not the case. When I hear the national anthem, I get very emotional. It’s not just my pride for America that gets me emotional but it’s what the anthem represents. The anthem speaks to the military servicemen and women who fight for our freedoms, the ones who make it home and the ones who aren’t so lucky. My gratitude for these men and women runs so deep and I’m teary-eyed as I’m writing this, because I can’t imagine not having my husband come home to me. Every service member I see on the news or hear about, who doesn’t make it home…that could have been my husband. It hits home. It’s not just on July 4th, Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, or Memorial Day that I celebrate our freedom. Its’ important to recognize that our flag represents a story, a story of brave men and women who fought valiantly for its’ country.

God Bless America

Today is a great day for America! We are very blessed in this country and often take it for granted. We are quick to point out the negatives, conflict, and current politics of the nation but we need not forget the positives, and all the blessings we are bestowed, just by living in this great nation. Ask any foreigner why they immigrated to America and I’m sure they will have a lot to remind you of why you should be thankful. America is not perfect but perfection doesn’t exist. I hope we always strive to be a better country and I hope you do your part in keeping this nation, great! I love what America represents, a melting pot of beautiful people from all different cultures and backgrounds. I am thankful for the servicemen and women who laid down their lives for us, and the ones serving, today. I hope you get the opportunity to gather with family and friends and celebrate this great nation! I have included some of my favorite patriotic songs to celebrate this day! There are way too many to choose from, but these are the ones that speak to me. Some of the songs will make you cry and some will make you smile. For me, that’s what today is about, remembering our freedoms don’t come free and celebrating our great country.  I’d love to hear what Independence Day means to you! Comment below! God bless America!

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